Satta Bazaar: A Vibrant Market

The name Satta Bazar is associated with the great taste of South Indian food. It is located in the state of Orissa and it is famous for its spicy and tangy regional food. You will come across many eateries serving South Indian food in Orissa but this famous food stands out because of the different varieties it has. Most of the eateries serve different varieties of pasta and other regional delicacies such as dosas and sambharis. They are prepared using a traditional method using coconut, sesame seeds and lotus.

satta king up Bazar is also known as Ganda Bazar in Orissa and it was originally a small place where the government used to conduct marriages. After the British left in the 19th century, it was turned into a small court house. It has been well maintained and is still famous for its satta. There is a long and narrow lane that runs between the stalls and eateries and you can reach the end by following the tracks of the people.

Satta Bazar is not just a street food but there is an art to preparing satta and this is best learnt through the master chef of the satta bazaar. He will be the one who will prepare your meal exactly the way you want it. It is believed that the satta is prepared from five to six small pieces of raw vegetables. The vegetables must be washed and then they must be steamed and then they are cut into small pieces.

If you wish to have a full meal, then you can add onions, green coriander, tamarind sauce and salt to the satta. Or else you can also opt for satta accompanied by rice and a side dish like dosa. As you will come to know later, satta is accompanied by the delicious king kuda-kuda or cooked tilapia fish. This fish is cooked in a special style and is very tasty.

So prepare your stomach for a real treat as you get to taste the best of the traditional Indian food. You will find here all kinds of goodies like salli, rasam, sambhar and many other delicacies. You can get your mouth watering and enjoy the delicacy of this king of street food. Satta bazaar is not only the largest but also the finest food street shop in Bangkok.

When you come here to visit satta bazaar, you are bound to get lost so plan your trip well. You can start off your day with a sweet breakfast and then you can start on the main course. After that you can go on to the kebabs and then onto the pickles. The food is very good and you will definitely be satisfied.

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